Wood floor cleaning

I have a question for of my readers out there....what do you clean your harwood floor with?  I need something to get Ruby's white hair, my blond hair and foot prints off our dark wood floor....I need suggestions...Help me out here ladies and gents!!!  Thanks so much! 

Also, the interview with B is coming!  He had to go out of town for business and will be back momentarily!


Anonymous said...

We have a yellow lab that leave light hair all over our dark wood floors. I use the electrolux broomvac to suck up her hair several times/week. To clean the floors we use the Bruce hardwood spary & terrycloth mop (purchased at home depot).

Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures.

Leslie G said...

Dark wood floors are a pain to keep clean, but we love ours! Especially with babies =). I use Method wood floor cleaner (sold at Target). It's all natural, and the almond scent smells really good. You can get the cleaning kit for around $30, or if you already have a Swiffer type mop, you could keep using that with a micro-fiber cloth and the Method cleaner, $6.

Angie said...

Our hardwood floor installers swear that a little bit of vinegar to a bucket of water is the best thing to use. I use a sponge mop that you can wring out and it really cleans up well with very little water left down. Then I take a towel on my foot to get the rest of the water up and it looks fab! Good luck!

Emily said...

I'm a new commenter. We vacuum our floors, but then I Swiffer for footprints and hair. But, instead of using the wet swiffer sheets (which are dangerous to dogs), I use a rag with vinegar and water and just redip when I need more.

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