I think she likes her new house!

While B and I are still trying to get everything settled in the new house, I think Ruby has taken a liking and feels very comfy in the new digs! 

Just hanging out with her daddy watching tv!

Ok, now here's the point to this post, other than to be "one of those dog moms."  This blog has been around or quite some time.  You hear me talk about B, and how fabulous I think he is, but now it's your turn to hear from him.  This is your chance to ask him anything!  Now, let's keep it clean and appropriate for this blog!  Feel free to ask how the heck he puts up with me and my crazy self, what he likes to eat, just about anything!Let's make the deadline Friday and over the weekend, I will play Katie Couric and interview him, and come back with the answers.  Now, lurker and followers come out and ask questions.  If I only get 1 or 2 questions I will delete this portion, act like I never typed it and pretend the whole thing never happened!  I am bad with rejection!  I need to thank the amazing Leah or at Marital-Bless for this idea I am so kindly stealing from her!  Leah, you rock, and I loved your post about Tony! 

So ask, ask away, what do you want to know about my Greek hubby?


Anonymous said...

- do you cook? if so, what is your favorite meal to make?

- what are you most excited about with the expecting of a new baby?

- are you thinking baby is a boy or girl?

koritsimou said...

Lurker here!

I'm relatively new to your blog, so I wasn't around when you got married. Did you get married in the Greek church? If you didn't, how did his family react?

(Background to my question: I'm Greek Orthodox married to a Catholic, and we had all sorts of interesting reactions on both sides, so I'm always interested to hear other people's stories.)

julie said...

What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

Amber said...

-Is being married everything you thought it would be like, the good and the bad?

-How has your marriage changed and/or grown since your wedding day?

-What are you most excited about when seeing your wife become a mother?

Mrs. Lukie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog tonight via some of the Wedded Wednesday gals :) Questions for hubby:

1. What habit does your wife have that you think is insanely cute?
2. When did you "know" that she was The One?

mrs.leah.maria said...

How fun!

What are the most important lessons you hope to teach as Dad?

What is one feature of your's and Abby's that you hope to pass along to your baby?

What is one thing that you miss about being single?

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