32 weeks

First, my apologises that I have been MIA this past week!  We moved and haven't had internet!  We finally were all hooked up Friday afternoon, but I had already left for Minneapolis for my very first baby shower held in my honor!  It was absolutely wonderful and that will be another post all itself. 

As of Saturday I hit the 32 week mark.  8 weeks people....only 8 short weeks!!!  We are slowly but surely getting ready.  I've done the first fe loads of laundry of baby clothes, bibs, burp cloths, bedding.  It is such a surreal experience, I don't think there is anyway to fully prepare yourself, but now I am just getting excited!  Excited to meet this little one, see what they look like, what their name is going to be, if they are a boy or girl!  I just can't wait!
  On the pregnancy front I am still feeling very good!  The medication my doctor put me on for my heart has made a huge difference.  I can notice a difference in the swelling in my hands, feet and face.  I feel like I have more energy and my color has come back, I don't look exhausted all the time. 
  This past week we took our newborn care class and I have to give props to my hubby.  He by far had the best swaddle of all the dads!  The dad in front of us turned around and said....how the heck did you do that?  I was a proud wife! 
   I will leave you on this chilly money Monday morning with my 32 week bump picture taken in the hotel before we headed out to go shopping!


julie said...

You look great! Enjoy these last 8 weeks!

platinum blonde said...

You look great, I'm so glad the meds are making you feel better and you are back to yourself! I can't wait to meet half pint :)

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