Beofre & After guest bedroom

When we closed on our new home in January this year, we knew it needed a lot of work.  We did not realize exactly how much work.  The house was orginally all white, one bathroom was bright blue.  Well, when we got down to it, we tore out the carpet first and foremost.  Then we started to patch walls.  This room was the worst! 
  First, then never cleaned their woodwork or dryer vent, so we were scraping the tops of the woodwork to get a thick layer of lint off the woodwork.  They were also awful to the walls.  We had to patch 100's of holes and then they taped things to the walls with scotch tape.....many years ago, so you can imagine that how much goo gone we needed to get it all off.  I was cursing the previous owners for about 2 weeks. 

This is our 3rd bedroom and we went very neutral once again.  Surprise, surprise.  I figure when we go back to paing the woodwork white we can repaint the room if we want. 

Here are a few before and during pics:

So here's what we did:
-Tore out carpet
-Cleaned all lint off woodwork
-Painted ceilings and closet
-Patched holes in wall & removed all tape on walls
-Painted walls Cappuccino by Restoration Hardware
-Replaced brass ligting with oil rubbed bronze light
-Replaced brass doorknobs with oil rubbed bronze doorknobs
-Painted curtain rod and hung new curtains
-Laid new carpet
The after:
The room is smaller and with that, I went with minimal furniture.  No dressers just a bed, nightstand & desk.

Apparently Ruby was laying on the trunk at the end of the bed....see the wrinkled bedding?

This green desk is from my grandparents and was orginally that color. 

A lot of work, but thus far we like it.  It works!

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