My second trip to labor and delivery

Today I had my 38 week appointment.  It started out fine, but my blood pressue was high.  145/94.  My doctor does not like the lower number to be over 90.  So with that she checked me and nothing....no progress, nothing.  I've been having contractions but apparently Half-pint isn't getting the hint that his/her birthday is approaching! 

My doctor then sent my L&D to do a stress test.  Half-pint looked great and the heart rate was right where it's supposed to be.  I did have a few contractions, but they were mild.  They did bloodwork and thankfully I didn't pass out.  All the tests came back normal, but my bp was still high.  My doctor has now decided to up my heart medication as it's also a blood pressure medication.  Hopefully that helps.  I will now be going into L&D twice weekly to have half-pint monitored.  My doctor will monitor me carefully and if my bp does not improve or gets drastically worse she will induce me.  She did prepare me that no matter when I deliver I will probably have to have magnesium to help with my blood pressue.  I then googled it.....bad idea!  Apprently you feel like you've been hit by a truck..lovely.... I am now home and resting.  Brendan is on dinner duty this evening!

All in all, I am just happy that half-pint is completely unaware and not effected by my high bp.  He/she does not like the monitors they put on my belly in L&D....it always kicks them out of place.  It's kind of funny actually.

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