My ever present vivid dream

As my pregnncy starts to dwindle to an end I have found myself having more and more vivid dreams.  The one in particular I am going to share with you, I think you will find pretty funny.  If not, so sorry, my family and friends that have known me for a while did.

A little backstory...  When I was younger the only toy I loved was Barbies.  I wanted Barbies for every gift giving occassion, every birthday, you name it, if Barbie made it, I had it!  At one point I believe I had 150 barbies that were my everyday play Barbies.  Not to mention that stored away in my mom's attic I have tubs of collector Barbies that have never been opened.  Did I mention that I have all the Christmas Tree ornaments to coordinate with these collector barbies.  I know I'm a dork.  Anyway, you get the point....My mom's nickname for me was the Barbie Queen. 

Back to my dream I have just about nightly.  It starts tht Brendan and I are getting to the hospital, everything is just fine and dandy and all the sudden it's time to push, still everything is ok.  Then the baby comes out and it's a Barbie doll.  Not just a small toy one, it's a 5lb. blond barbie with long curly blond hair, plastic and all.  Obviously it's  girl, but it even has those plstic underwear on that they make Barbie's with.....Strangest thing ever!!  If I have carried this babie doll around for 9.5 months, I am in for a real shock! 

Any dream interpreters out there?  What does this mean???


Samantha said...

Lol! That cracked me up.

julie said...

Oh that is too funny!

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