38 weeks

First my apologizes that I haven't posted a weekly pregnancy post in a few weeks.  To be honest, I completely forgot to take any pictures....oops, pregnancy brain.  38 weeks is going just dandy, I'm a little tired, yet can't sleep.  It's currently 5:30am and I am wide awake.....Mother natures way of preparing me for the upcoming weeks, maybe? 

I went in for my first day of monitoring yesterday and my blood pressure was way down, which is wonderful.  However they have you on a heart rate monitor for the baby and a contraction monitor.  Care to guess what the contraction monitor number was??  9....yep, folks a whole 9!  My doctor said, yeah we like to see it up around 90!!  Holy crap I have a ways to go!  I do have a feeling I will be going overdue.  Last week I had no progress, none, nada, no dice. 

Other than no progress, I am starting to get uncomfortable which I can't complain.  Hey, I'm 2 weeks out, I've been healthy and feeling good for the past 38 weeks.  I'll take it and let it ride!  Have a great day, I may be napping by the time you read this!

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