My favorite pregnancy comments

The following are all comments that I have recieved while pregnant.  Now, I am more than certain none were said to make me feel bad, or have ill intent behind them.  Annoying yes, but I thought you would get a kick out of them!

1.Lady: Having a baby isn't like having a dog.
Me: Really?  I can't just put the baby in a crate when I go to the grocery store....
(I gave this gal a dumnfounded look...yes I know having a baby isn't like having a dog)

2.Man: So how much weight have you gained?
Me: And you were how old again?
Man: Oh, so I shouldn't ask that....
Me: I want to discuss my weight gain as much as you would like to discuss your age.
(This was a middle aged man, he got the point)

These are just a few that drive me up the wall.  Take note, these comments annoy most pregnant women! What I would like to say is in parenthesis, I however refrain....

-Get your rest now.....
(Like I can stock up and use it later....and what makes you think I am sleping great now.  You try sleeping with a watermelon attached to you and see how great you sleep) 

-You know your life is going to change forever....
(No way, I had no idea, this deal is off!)

-You look like you're ready to pop. 
(This was said when I was maybe 28 weeks along.)

Have a happy Monday and remember the only acceptable things to say to a pregnant lady are...You look radiant, and you are glowing....Otherwise, I would just refrain! 


julie said...

Don't you just love those pregnancy comments? Chin up dear! You are almost there!

Angie said...

I know, people are so stupid! My fav comment was that I look thinner now than I did before I got prego!

just a mama... said...

oh, gotta love all the comments! the one i love the best (and hear it often, unfortunately) is "are you sure there aren't two in there?!"
gee, thanks.

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