Today I cried....

Today I got an email from our phtographer who is also my dear friend who we went to visit a few weeks back.  She took maternity pictures for B and I and needless to say, I was once again pleasantly surprised with her talent. 

Amy has been in my life since I was a wee little one.  Her first date with her hubby was at my mom and stepdads wedding almost 21 years ago.  She's been our babysitter, our friend, our mentor and now our photographer and I am so blessed to have her not only as my friend, but as an amazing photographer to capture these times in my life. 

Today I cried because looking at these pictures and realizing that our dream of having a baby is going to come true very soon is so surreal.  At one point I thought it might be just that a dream for us, and having these pictures to capture these moments are simply priceless to me.   Amy's work has helped me realize that having faith and knowing that God has you tightly held in his hands is the greatest gift, because he will deliver, and he has for us.
You can check out her blog post here


Kayla said...

Those are beautiful pictures! She did an excellent job! So excited for you and your husband! Congrats and enjoy!

julie said...

Those pictures are amazing! Treasure these last few weeks!

Angie said...

those pix are amazing!!!! I just had mine done too, and I'll always treasure them.

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