35 weeks

Wow!  Only 35 days to go!  Very strange to think that after Saturday, my doctor will not stop labor if I would happen to start to have contractions.  So we could potentially have this baby anywhere from next week to 5 weeks from now.  They really shouldn't give you a due date....they should give you estimated weeks of arrival and make it in 2 week intervals. 

On the pregnancy front, not much to report. 
-Face, still swollen, my engagement ring is now on my necklace.  Thankfully my wedding band is very thin and that still fits. 
-I have my bag for the hospital mostly packed. The babies bag is all packed!
-I now go weekly to the doctor and next week she will start internals to tell if I am dialating at all.
-I will be sharing nursery pics very soon!  As soon as our maternity pics we ordered arrive!

Other than that I will leave you with my 35 week pic and sneak peek of the nursery! It had to be a self portrait, B wasn't home.


kari said...

I can't believe you are already 35 weeks Abby! I'm so excited for you.

julie said...

You look great! Don't pack too much for the hospital! I totally overpacked and never used half of the stuff I packed. I loved those hospital gowns for the first day and then it was yoga pants and tanks! :)

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