Nursery re-vision

After sitting in our nursery last night, which is about 90% done, I thought something just wasn't right.  It was missing something.  Then B came in and was looking at the closet and I said.....THAT's IT!  I even may have yelled it!  I hate the closet doors!  Our new house came equipped with oak everything and brass hardware.  Well we aren't planning on replacing all the oak for a little while, but I think I have figured a solution out that will make me satisfied for the time being.  Taking off the closet doors and replacing them with curtains.  our nursery is very nuetral and we have used a titch or celedon green, black and brown.   Sounds strange I know, but I promise it looks put together. 

So now the dilema, what color of curtains.  On the window I have cream colored curtains.  I feel like the closet needs to have something either with a pattern or a color to it.  I need suggestions.  Do we think brown, green, or something else???  So I change out the window curtains to match the closet curtains or have them different?  Here a couple of pics to show you my vision...


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Mrs. McB said...

I love the idea! I would do a pattern of some type. I like bringing the green into the mix.

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