Featured blogger: Transatlantic Blonde

This weeks featured blogger is Blondie over at Transatlantic Blonde.  She is married to a not so blonde hubby and has a handsome little blondie boy that will make any woman swoon.  Blondie is originally from the U.S. and a few years back skipped across the large pond to Glasgow where she, her not so blonde hubby and their cutie patootie Blondie boy make their home. 

Blondie covers everything from being a mom, to Blondie boy's eating habits, fashion and all things fun! I think she I would be good friends if we didn't live an ocean apart.  She loves everything entertainment and knows good style!   She recently did her first vlog and after watching it, I love her accent.  It's a combo of Scottish and Midwestern gal...Can't be that combo!  Check out Blondie's blog Transatlantic Blonde and see what fun she is having this week across the pond!

Just because he's so stinking cute!


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Melaina25 said...

Thank you! You are too sweet!

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