Houston we have reflux

My poor little baby has been diagnosed as having acid reflux.  After he was born we went ahead and started feeding him normal formula.  We thought everything was fine and dandy left the hospital with a happy little boy.  About a week after getting home Drew changed.  He started to become very fussy, and neither B nor I could console him.  He started waking up every 45 minutes at night, and would scream at the top of his lungs.  We were devastated because we could tell he was in pain, but had no idea what to do. 

We went from burping him every ounce to every half ounce and so on.  We would feed him upright, bounce him on our knee, anything to try and make him comfortable.  His screaming would last about an hour and then he would fall asleep in our arms.  This cycle would repeat itself every 3 hours.  He wouldn't refuse a bottle, but during the middle of some feedings this eyes would open up so wide and he would let out this awful scream.  Obviously we could tell something was wrong so we went in to see our doctor. 

After speaking with our doctor we decided to switch him to soy formula.  She thought there may be a milk allergy.  It didn't help and on came the projectile spit-ups.  Drew started to spit back up a ton of formula.  I was amazed at how far spit-up can fly.  My poor baby would be in such pain until he spit up, then once he did, he as like a new child. We started having him sleep in a more upright position because we thought he was having bad gas, etc.  Again,  I spoke with the nurse over the phone and she suggested that he may have colic or just be a fussy baby.  I said, well he is only fussy after he eats, and it literally happens every feeding.  She dismissed it and my doctor called me back and suggested we try a formula that would be easier for him to digest.  We did that and again, same thing over and over again.

I have cried more times than I can count because I have felt like an awful parent.  Seeing my child in pain and trying everything in my power to help him, yet to no avail is the absolute worst feeling the in the world.  I called out doctor back a third time and made a second appointment.  After researching some of his symptoms a lightbulb went off when I read about reflux.  We went in and I told her every symptom he is having, etc.  Thankfully he had just eaten and she could see some of the things that were going on.  Drew was diagnosed with reflux and he was given a perscription for Zantac.  Who knew you could give babies Zantac.  She did say that this can take some time to find a combination of things that work together so be patient. 

Today is Drew's first full day on Zantac and I can't tell a huge difference, but currently he is taking a great nap in his bouncy chair.  Here's the hoping that Drew can get some much needed relief.  My poor little man doesn't need to be this uncomfortable this early on. 


julie said...

Aww, poor baby and parents! I hope the Zantac continues to give him relief!

Erin said...

My hubby-to-be is a Chiropractor and sees babies for reflux/colic issues. It may be worth a shot for you.

Amy said...

Brady has reflux too. He is over 6 months old and we are now just getting a bit better.

We know all about projectile and we eventually moved to Prevacid.

About a month ago we added in Mylanta, and it's made a HUGE difference. Remarkable. Life changing. lol. Ask your dr!!!

Also, we were told to try to thicken his formula and that never helped......

anyway, i feel you pain. It's awful to seee your baby in such agnony and struggle. I think it is why we have sleep issues. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, i've been dealing with it for a while!!! Hope he feels better!

sorry for the book, i just know how reflux is, and it sucks.

Angie said...

I'm so sorry you and Drew are having to go thru this. I truly hope the zantac starts to work and he (and you) can get some much needed relief.

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