My little man is growing up

I am such a bad blogger mom and I haven't posted pictures of Drew in his month onesies.  The neat little thing about these onesies....the numbers are stickers!  My mom found these before Drew was born and each month I just stick the next number on, snap the pic and take it back off.  Super simple and easy for those uncrafty people like me!  So here is Drew fresh at home from the hospital and then on his one month birthday.

He looks super happy to be having his picture taken!
1 month

Happy Monday!

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DianeTaylor said...

Hi Abby - omg Drew is such a cutie pie!!!! I want to hug and kiss him to death!!! I just wanted to wish you a very Happy first Mother's Day. I hope it was a special day for you - you deserve it. And you know what? It only gets better from here - my son spoiled me on Sunday and he did it all on his own. My little boy (um....he's 23 now) is growing up! LOL!
Hope Drew's refux is getting better - poor baby (and mommy and daddy).
Take care - and keep the pics coming.

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