Things I am loving about spring

Spring has spring here and the trees are starting to bud, flowers starting to bloom and my allergies are in full force.  Although I hate allergies, I am in love with spring, old man winter has left us and we can look forward to a few months of bliss in the midwest.  So here are some things I am loving this spring.

My black Reef flip flops.  Good bye Ugg boots, hello Reefs!

Soccer!  Yes I am back coaching and loving it!  Thankfully my mom is able to watch Drew each day for 2 hours so I can go to practice.  Thus far we are undefeated in the conference...hoping for a second title this year!

Lemonade.  No clue why, maybe I should add some vodka this year!

The thought of my new car arriving!  We purchased a Toyota Highlander and it should be here in a few weeks.  We need more room and two cars weren't cutting it.  With a dog, baby and hubby who likes to take his golf clubs with us a lot, we needed more room!

Super cute dresses from Old Navy for only $15!
Happy Spring to you all!

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