Products I couldn't live without

Over the past 7 weeks I've discovered a few products that both B and I agree we couldn't live with out.  I know we are no experts but if this posts gives someone searching for something, anything to help make life a little easier with a newborn, then I will consider this post a success.   I will add that we have not been paid by any of these products, these are all products that we have discovered or were suggested to us by family or friends.

First, the Miracle blanket.  We swear by this!  Every time  Drew sleeps we wrap him one of these.  We love it and he seems very content when he's in it.  Yes, it does look like a straight jacket for babies, but I swear to you that Drew does not cry when he is in.  All babies are different but ours loves it.  It helps prevent then from waking themselves from involuntary movements.  You can find these just about anywhere.  They have a website you can go to here, or you can find them at Target, Wal-mart, and Amazon
Dr. Brown's bottles, check out their website here.  We first had Drew on Avent bottles and he seemed to love them.  We loved them too, they were easy to assemble, easy to clean, but then Drew became very fussy and developed gas and reflux.  Thus was prompted us to switch bottles.  A friend suggest Dr. Brown's bottles as they have a venting system and are supposed to reduce the amount of air that Drew takes in.  These are much more time consuming to clean and assemble but they have seemed to help Drew combat his issue of gas.

Diapers.com.  This website has been a wonderful addition to my favorites on my computer!  This website always offers free shipping on orders over $49 and delivers the next day!  If you're like me getting out and getting all the things Drew needs can sometime prove to be a huge fete.  Diapers.com has saved me more than once.  It has everything from formula, to diapers to wipes, just about everything you can possibly need for baby. They have now sent me over $50 in coupons in the just the past 7 weeks, and I just got another one in the mail today.

The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Sea horse.  I am in love with this thing!  Every time Drew is super fussy I turn this thing on and WHAM, he is calm and about asleep!  Check out the website here.  It plays music and soothing sounds for 5 minutes and then shuts itself off.  Why can't I come up with things like this?

Drew and his sea horse we've named Charlie
Our Mobi Cam monitors.  As a first time mom I love being able to look over at the monitor screen and see what he is doing.  It gives me piece of mind, or I can assure I would be in his room every 5 seconds.   I will say that the battery life on these is not that long.  Maybe 8 hours, but we have gotten rechargeable batteries and the camera in Drew's room is always plugged in, but the actual screen I carry with me quite a bit when I am working around the house and just recharge it each night.  Check out the Mobi cam website here.

Our BOB Revolution jogging stroller.  I know these a pretty pricey, but I have to say, it was so well worth it.  I have used this from day 1.  We also purchased the attachment for our car seat and just about everyday Drew, Ruby and I are out walking.  The stroller itself is so easy to push and weighs almost nothing and folds us so easily and is very compact.  We also purchased the cup holder for it and I am able to store a water bottle, extra paci, my keys and phone in this attachment.  We purchased our BOB stroller through Babies R Us, but I know they sell them on Amazon as well as at REI and their website.  Check out the BOB website here.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

How did you know I was eyein' a BOB, and needed to reassure myself it's THE choice!?! Curious...do you have another stroller for trips to the mall, etc.? Not sure if BOB is too big to manuever in that type of setting. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Stacy said...

The seahorse is a life saver isnt it!! We used the swaddle me's on nolan and he loved those too!!

Abby said...

Anonymous, again we love our BOB, it was aboslutely THE ONE for us. We also have a snap n go stroller that goes with our Gracco car seat. I believe we got it at Babies R Us for about $70 and it works with most car seats. We usually take the BOB most places but for places that we aren't walking that far or don't need much storage we take the snap n go. All other places we take the BOB. Good luck, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

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