Drew goes swimming

A few weeks ago we went over to my parents lake house and Drew went swimming for the very first time. No, not in the lake, we have a blow up kiddy pool for all the grandkiddos.  B decided he would take him in and at first Drew was very timid and didn't know what to think of the water.  Then he started to love it!  He was smiling and kicking and moving his arms all around.  We only filled the pool about a foot so it was perfect for him to get some water time with daddy.  Thankfully my parents have a hot water spout on their hose so the water felt like bath water to Drew and even Ruby loved it! 

The only problem, they don't make swim diapers, or I haven't found any for Drew's teeny weeny bum, so we de-diapered put on his swimsuit and swim shirt and away he went. Thankfully each day we drained and refilled the pool.  I can only hope he loves the water just as much as his daddy and I do.  Brendan grew up on a lake and I was a swimmer all my life. 

I jut can't get enough of the little kiddo swin shirts these days.  Aren't they too cute for words?


Kaymee said...

How cute! Lincoln loves to pool too, and what a genius idea with the hot water spout...maybe I'm out of the loop, but i've never heard of such a thing! I am definitely going to mention this to hubby :)

julie said...

Brayden has that SAME pair of trunks! too cute!

Erin and Justin said...

I've got some pocket cloth diapers you can use for swim diapers for Drew.

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