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Do I have a treat for you this week!  This week's featured blogger is a daddy blogger!  I love it!  Chris is not only a daddy, but a daddy of triplets!  His blog Behind the Three chronicles he and his wife's journey raising triplets or as he calls them the critters.  I love that nickname for his kiddos!  Check out how cute these critters are!
First we have Carson, the man of the critter crew.
Then their two pretty little ladies Hadley and Reese.

Behind the three gives you a unique perspective on parenting not one, not two but three one year olds.  After reading Chris's blog, he and his wife handle the chaos of having three kids with such grace, it's simply amazing.  Chris and his wife dealt with infertility prior to conceiving the critters and man it's quite a story.  They had a long journey and then found out when they were expecting, it was three times over.  Chris said the doctors said he handled the news well, but that it was quite a long ride home after that ultra sound.

Behind the three is one of my new favorite blogs and as you go and read it today, you can tell what a wonderful father, and husband Chris really is.  He and his wife have still made it a priority to get out of the house together as a couple.  With having one child I have found that so important, I can't imagine how important that is when having three. 
I read a ton of mommy blogs, but I have to say I really enjoy reading a daddy's perspective on having children, marriage and everything in between.  Go check out Chris's blog:
It's worth the click!

One last thing.  Chris also did say that if anyone has questions about infetility treatments or their journey, don't hesitate to contact him.  There is a link on his blog to do so.  He and his wife are more than happy to share their story with you.

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