Drew is 2 months

As of May 27th, Drew is now officially 2 months old.  He is now smiling all the time and thankfully we have his reflux under control.  He has now started to bat at this play mat toys, yet has started to hate his swing.  He loves his bath time and is starting to like his bath toys.  Other than that we go to the doctor this week and I bet he is about 11 pounds, our little man is growing up!  I've put up his 0, 1 and 2 month pictures just to show you the vast difference.

Happy 2 month birthday my sweet Drew!

So tiny and fresh out of the oven.

My big boy

Happy Monday!


Dunc said...

Oh my goodness, 2 months already?! That's incredible - love the pics!

Pink Shoes Photography said...

2 months already???????? WHAT? Gosh that is too fast!! He is so beautiful though. I love seeing pictures of him.

I am with you on about my blog entry though. Giveaways are great here and there but everyday ugh I can't handle it. Someday, I may do one if I feel it is a product I can really stand behind but it is not the basis of my blog.

Happy 2 months baby!!

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