Drew is 3 months old

Drew is now 3 months old.  Man, where did the time go.  He is growing like a weed and becoming more and more interactive with us, and his toys.  He loves to now roll to his side and I swear any day now he is going to roll to his belly.  He still doesn't care too much for tummy time, but we're getting there.  He loves our ceiling fans and music.  He has this Baby Einstein toy that plays music and it could entertain him all day. 

His new favorite, can't live without it lovie is Mr. Cow.  Mr. Cow came about before Drew came along.  His auntie purchased it for us because it sort of looks like Ruby.  Well now Mr. Cow goes everywhere with Drew and Drew loves Mr. Cow.  Mr. Cow may one day be going to college with Drew.  So here's what Mr. Cow looks like, except ours looks a little more loved.
Now at 3 months Drew is on a pretty good napping schedule during the day, and sleeps about 4 consecutive hours at night.  He still does not like car rides, but we did buy a DVD player for the car and last weekend he watched a Baby Einstein for a little bit and he seemed to like it.  That may be our saving grace on long car rides. 


Angie said...

aw he's so cute! Nick just turned 3 months as well and also hates car rides and tummy time.

Monster's Mommy said...

He's getting so big!! :) I love Mr. Cow! I should get something like that for Monster!

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