The Bumbo and sleep training

Last night we tried our Bumbo seat for the first time. It was a smashing success, Drew loved it!

We were even able to get a picture of both our kiddos together.

Now onto sleep training. Brendan and I are starting to explore our options on sleep training. Drew's sleep habits are not getting better, in fact maybe getting worse. Here's what our past couple of nights have looked liked.

7:00pm: bedtime routine
7:30pm: bedtime
10:45pm: first feeding, woke up crying, ate 5oz.
12:30am: woke up crying, I soothed him back to sleep.
1:45am: second feeding, woke up crying, ate 4oz.
3:30am: woke up crying, I soothed him back to sleep.
5:00am: woke up for the day and third feeding, ate 4oz.

Obviously this isn't working for us. So I would love to hear what method of sleep training you used and at what age, and how do you think it worked. Thanks so much! Have a great day!!


Karen said...

Hi Abby, I feel awful for you, that is no way to live! Jillian was not the best sleeper either, she still isn't. At five months, she finally only started to get up once a night to eat around 3am. At 6 1/2 months, she started to sleep through the night a few times a week both nothing consistent. I have read two books on sleep training. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Sleeping Through the Night by Jodi Mindell. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child came very highly recommended but I did not like it AT ALL and either did my neighbor. We both liked the Sleepig Through the Night book, it had a much gentler approach to sleep training in my opinion.
In my experience, we tried to let Jillian cry it out one night around four and a half months and I regret it every day. One night was all I could handle and decided that getting up at night was more worth it to me than to upset her like that again. Just my opinion, perhaps I am a push over like that! Like I said, she is finally starting to sleep through the night on her own, most likely due to the reason we started rice cereal and stage I foods. It sounds like your little guy might just be hungry. Can you give him more at each feeding? Does he finish the bottle each time? If so, he probably just needs more food? Send me an email if you want to chat about this more. Good luck, being sleep deprived is horrible, I can understand completely.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures! You should post them on the Bumbo Facebook: www.facebook.com/BumboUSA

Jessica said...

Hey abby! I've read a lot about sttn on dr sears website askdrsears.com and I'm going to try a few things with g over the next couple weeks to see if it helps her with naps and at night! His website is great for all sorts of stuff :) goodluck- lmk if anything works...g isn't a good sleeper either!

Mango Gal said...

Abby, he's so adorable! I love his expression!

Just popping by to let you know that I'm hosting a PerriconeMD giveaway that ends on Thursday. Stop by and check it out!

Best wishes to you and the family!

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