Mama got new shoes

With my best friends wedding fast approaching she let us pick what shoes we would like to wear with our gorgeous bridesmaid dresses!  Speaking of which, since I was measured 6 week postpartum, and the measurements that are really crucial are the natural waist and bust....The shop is having the take my dress completely apart and take it in.  I feel really bad that they have to do all that work for me.  I should have had my measurements taken when I was 6 weeks pregnant when she asked me to be in her wedding.  Thankfully, it's her sister in law that owns the bridal shop that we got the dresses through and also just had a baby, so she completely understands.  She said, better to have more room than not enough room.

Ok, I digress...Back to shoes.  Any who, anyone who knows me, knows I have a very soft spot for shoes.  I love me some shoes.  Can't get enough of 'em.  I've never met a heal that I didn't like.  Well now that the swelled up feet are a thing of the past I can now wear heels again and I fully plan on wearing them in my friend's wedding in September. 

She was kind enough and gave us five different choices.  I, being the shoe lover that I am, loved them all, but I don't really need five pairs of gun metal colored shoes.  A few were on sale so I chose my first choice, went to the website, went to order....None in my size.  Bummer.  Went to my second choice, ordered, payed, and they are now in my closet.  Here's the deal...They are sky high.  They are going to make my calf's look amazing and I'm going to be about 3 inches taller than my hubby!  However, I would love for my readers opinions.  Which shoes would you have chosen?  Lower heel?  The ones  I already have?  Remember I will have these on for about 12 hours....

Here's the Dress for comparison.

Now on to the goods...


These were my favorite...However they didn't have then in my size.  I could go search for them on another website, if I am really motivated!

These are the ones currently taking up residence in my closet.  They seem pretty comfy, but I've worn them for all of 5 minutes around my house.



So what do we think?  Keep the ones I have or return them and try a different pair? 


Karen said...

Hi Abby, I really like the ones you have, and if they are comfy too, then it's a win!! That bridesmaid dress is adorable too, where was that dress when we were getting married??? I hope you and your little man are doing well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby! I love your blog! I really like the shoes you've bought, but I'll tell you that 12 hours is a long time and you'll want to be comfy! I have the Nina Culver in black and they are my go to shoe for special events. So comfy! I'm already 5 7, so I know what you mean about not needed to tower over your hubby.

Erin said...

I'm wearing the Nina Culver in Apple Green for my wedding next Saturday! They seem to be pretty comfortable wearing them around the house. I've also had a pair of Capparros that I purchased to wear as a bridesmaid a few years ago and they are comfortable. I like to wear shoes with a low heel as a bridesmaid.

Kelly said...

I love option #1! The tiny ruffle compliments the dress. But maybe that's too matchy matchy?
The ones you have look great too!
And what a nice bride, that bm dress is gorgeous!

Leah said...

I recently shot a wedding with the first shoes you had and they looked gorgeous!

Anne said...

I love the ones that you picked, the last pair are nice too.

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