A bit of a delay

So a few of you guessed our destination. Well, we were supposed to be there by now but we had a little delay.

We were on our flight from Phoenix to Maui, Mrs. S you got it right! About 2.5 into our 5.5 hour flight the smoke alarms go off! Holy crapoly I was scared out of mind. The cabin started to fill with smoke abs flight attendants running amuck with fire extinguishers..., umm, not good at all!

Come to find out after a few very tense minutes a fan in the bathroom had overheated. Gggrreeeaattt... So we were 10 minutes from being half way to Maui, so we were diverted to San Fransisco....2 hours away! What the hell!?!? So after losing it on the plan, yes tears and everything I composed myself with a stiff drink!

We are in SF and now arranging our travel plans to Maui. I think first class and a bottle of wine are in order for me to get on another plane. I am deathly afraid of flying anyways. So this made it even better...., I took a few pics to show the damage.

The cabin filled with smoke.

Brendan and I trying to breath

So hopefully we will be Mayi bound soon!!!

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The Domestic Princess said...

Oh my gosh, I would have lost it. I'm so scared of flying too. I'm happy to hear you guys are save.

Anonymous said...

That is flipping scary!! So glad you are safe. Hope you make it to Maui soon. :)

CampDallas said...

OMG, so scary! Glad to know it was a minor problem in the end. And yes...wine and first class oughta do the trick!

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