My best friends wedding part II

The long awaited post is here!  I did try to put this up a few days ago, only to complete the post and my computer shut off.... I was livid!  Now I have time to write this post, Drew is napping, I have a good hour to make sure I include everything.  So here we go!

The day started with hair and makeup in the Mother of the bride's suite.  We had our makeup airbrush, which was fabulous!  The guy who did our makeup was talking to be about all that makeup is and can be and referring to the bridesmaids as the path to the garden leading to the bride....Ok, dude, I take all of 5 minutes at the most each day to put on makeup.  I think makeup is just that....makeup!  Although he was great and did a wonderful job!  We were alternating between hair and makeup at this point.  So I went from makeup to hair.  Let me tell you about the hair.  The gal who did it was sooo sweet, and I told her I would like a side part and a low bun.  My hair was already curly from the rollers that were put in.  I also showed her a picture of Carrie Underwood, with her hair just that way..

Carrie Underwood, the style I wanted

And this is what I got...

Not what I wanted at all.  It was OK, and I wasn't going to be THAT bridesmaid that threw a fit over her hair, so I went with it.  I absolutely loved the front, so I just ignored the back!
The brides hair on the other hand was simply fabulous!  I loved it!

Both of us with everything except our dresses on.

Again, I loved everything but the back, but what are ya gonna do?  Everyone else was complimentary and all that really matters is that my friend the bride was happy with everything she had, in which she was!
Then the flowers arrived and they were stunning!

Amanda's (the bride) bouquet was amazing to say the least, I loved it!

After lunch it was that time...Time to get dressed!

Our dresses
The beautiful bridal gown

Amanda looked absolutely beautiful in her dress.  I loved the pleating at the bottom.

It was then time for pictures where I didn't have my camera.  Amanda's wedding planner and her staff, which rocked by the way took all of our stuff and took it to the church and then to the reception.  I had to do nothing, it was fabulous! After pictures was the ceremony and again no pics.  Then we hopped on a bus and it was off to the reception!

We arrived and were greeted by appetizers and drinks.  Who wouldn't love that?  Their signature drink was peach sangria made by our wonderful friends at Jasper Winery.   They also had liquor infused pomegranate sorbet.  That stuff was AMAZING!  We took a few more pictures on the gold course at the reception and then it was time to PARRRTAAYYY!

The newlyweds!
Cocktail hour and dinner were held under a tent.  Then the clubhouse was turned into a swanky lounge for dancing.

My parents were also there, so we took a few pictures with them.
My momma and me.
My step dad, Brendan and me.

We had to get a pic just the two of us a fancied up!  This happens once in a great while, so we took advantage!

My arm looks huge in that pic...Oh well!

We had dinner with a few of my oldest friends!
The newlyweds danced and cut their cake.

Speaking of their cake...It was divine!  The same gal made our wedding cake four years ago.  She hasn't lost her touch!

Then we danced the night away, and they lived happily ever after!

The newlyweds had their last song "Walking in Memphis"  and then rode off into the sunset.

Overall it was a fabulous wedding.  We had a blast and I was so honored to stand by my best friend as she married the man of her dreams! 

If you've gotten this far, kudos to you! I have a few great guest bloggers lined up for you, I hope you enjoy them!  Have a great week!


Leah said...

Love these pictures Abby! I'm so glad you weren't that BM, but no joke we had a wedding in June where not only were half of the bridal party missing, but even the MOB because they wanted their hair redone! The groom's aunt was the person who helped the bride into her dress. So sad.

CampDallas said...

You looked so stinkin' cute! I LOVED the dresses - the style and color were awesome! You may recall that I mentioned my best friend was also getting married, and I was having a similar hair dilemma? Well, like you, I wanted Carrie Underwood, and ended up with something different. Oh well! :-) Glad you enjoyed the wedding weekend!

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