Drew is 5 months old

Drew has now reached 5 months.....2 weeks ago! I am an awful mommy blogger that I didn't post this until now. This post will be closely followed by his 6 month update. Sheesh time is flying by and if my head wasn't attached I'd probably have lost it by now!

So the little man is now 5 months old and we are loving every minute of him. He now weighs 17lbs. and is 26 inches long.

We have started Drew on some solids in which I have made for him. That's another post all in itself. He seems to like pears but he is in love with avacados! Who would have guessed, I hate avocado.

Drew is now also CRAWLING! Yes, ladies and gents this started right at 5 months as an army crawl but has now developed into a full out on all fours crawl. We need to brace ourselves, our child is mobile!!

Let's see some other milestones, he likes to give my cheeks wide open mouth slobbery kisses that only his mommy could love. He is loving Ruby more and more each day and he could just watch her for hours. They are great friends and Ruby has done amazingly well adapting to the little guy. On the sleeping front we are getting better, although he has never slept through the night. One day, right??

I will leave you my handsome little man with his khaki's.

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Annie said...

aw! such a cutie pie!! i can't believe he is crawling already!!

Leah said...

He is just so stinking cute!

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