Guess our destination

So we are leaving in less than one week for vacation.  So can you guess where we are going?  Now if you already know, you CAN NOT play.  That wouldn't be fair!  

So here are a few clues:
-It will take us 2 flights to get there.
- We will travel back in time.
-The wind blows east to west
-The average temperature is 75-85 degrees
-We will be sunning ourselves on a beach

Think you know, leave a comment and I will reveal our destination upon arrival..... 

Just a little FYI, the pic is not a picture of our destination....That would have made it too easy! 
 Happy guessing!


Mrs. S said...


Amanda said...

My guess is Hawaii - but the travelling back in time clue makes my head hurt so I'm not sure I'm heading in the right direction :)

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