My little monkey

Last week Drew and I were at Target, my very favorite store in the whole entire world.  I once said that I could live in Target.  They have everything you could ever need.  Anyway, we were picking up a few things we actually did need like formula and diapers but I couldn't pass up the baby section.  I was browsing the sale racks as I like to do and I came upon this hat.  Now, I am all about bargain shopping.  I would consider myself bargain Betty.  This hat was not on sale but I could not pass it up, it was way too cute and it was 10 bones.  You'll see why momentarily why I could not pass it up.  Oh and it came with mittens....Seriously, mittens on my 6 month old, oh too die for!  So we got the hat and mittens and a few other things that Drew just HAD to have that were of course on sale!  Anyway, I tired the hat on Drew in the store and I screamed because he was so darn cute in it, I think I might have scared him, but darn it, he was so cute in it!  It will be perfect for those cold Iowa winters and go perfectly with his little fleece we got him.  No puffy winter coats with the car seats! 

I won't make you wait any longer,  my little monkey
Cute huh?
I think a great purchase for 10 bucks!


Natalie said...

oh my gosh, that picture is TOO cute!!!

mrs rexaroo said...

Awww, that hat is to die for!!! I can see why you couldn't pass it up, I'm going to have to go check my Target now for it! Your little boy looks adorable in it!

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