Sparkie the wonder dog

Meet Uncle Sparkie, my parents dog. He's a mutt, oh so cute and a fixture at out house quite often. My parents rescued him 3 years ago from a life in an outdoor kennel and tail matted to his leg. We call him uncle Sparkie, well because he's Ruby's uncle! I know we're strange. We've already come to terms with it.

Anyway, on to my story. Sparkie stayed the night at our house Friday night. My parents were coming back from vacation, their flight was delayed and their dog sitter scheduled to leave their house. So we had Uncle Sparks come to our house. We then planned to head out to my parents lake house, where they headed when they landed on Saturday morning, Drew and dogs in tow. However, we had to each take a car because my parents needed their truck to move some outdoor furniture to storage.

Ok, so now onto the important stuff. We took off, me in our SUV with Drew and Ruby. B in the truck with Sparkie. We get about 20 minutes down the interstate and I don't hear Drew. Now it is odd for him to sleep in the car. So it freaked me out a bit. I called B and said I'm going to pull over and make sure he's ok. There was a rest stop right there, so I pull off. B pulls up next to me and I check on Drew. He's perfectly fine watching his baby Einstein DVD. B gets out of the truck, shuts the Dior and Sparkie jumps on the door ledge and locks the car..... Keys in the car, along with Brendan's phone. Thankfully the air conditioner was on.

We try to get Sparkie to unlock the doors to no avail. So I take off and drive the 20 minutes back to my parents house to get the spare keys. Brendan stays at the rest stop with Ruby and Sparkie locked in the truck.

As I am getting back on the interstate my phone rings and it's Brendans ring.... So as he and Ruby are sitting there on a picnic table, apparently Sparkie got suck of sitting in the car and outside looked much more fun. He rolled down the window and launches himself out!! True story people, I can't make this up!

Welp, the car was open now and Sparkie was A-ok! Brendan calls me then calls my step dad and after he gets off the phone. Sparkie steps in his phone and calls my stepdad back!
Sparkie really was full of all sorts of antics that day! The launch out the window was by far the best. We all arrived at the lake safe and sound. Drew did actually take a nap in the car!!!

We've now learned to put a spare key on the car when riding with Sparkie!!

Happy Monday:)

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Di said...

Ha. He really is a wonderdog! Too funny!

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