Hawaii Part II

To pick up where we left off, we really didn't do much but look at the pretty views, eat, drink and be merry.  We went on a snorkeling trip, Brendan went deep sea fishing and honestly other than that, we just enjoyed being a couple again.  I know it's sooo cliche, but having a baby sometimes you lose sight of spending quality time with your partner.  So this trip was really that for B and me.  We spent some much needed quality time with each other and it was bliss!  I did make a big oops and forgot to start my last post with photos of our resort we stayed at.  Call it a blond moment.  You can check out Hawaii part I HERE. 

So I will start with our room.  We arrived at 3am to our hotel and to say that I wanted a shower and a bed was a understatement.  Thankfully I got both and was a happy camper.  Our room was great, and the bathroom was HUGE!  I bet at least 400sq. ft!  Not kidding!  Take a look!

Did I mention that every afternoon by the pool, they would come around with cucumber facial masks!  AMAZING!  Then freezy pops!

My older sis and I, getting out of the sun and waiting for our Lava Flows!

The Serenity pool was by far the best view.  I was in heaven!

One evening we headed over to Lahina and went to a luau.  Great food and amazing entertainment.  Not to mention the sunset was breathtaking!

On our last night after dinner Brendan and I took a walk on the beach.

The next morning we took an early flight out and headed over to Honolulu to visit Pearl Harbor and a few other sights.

If I was in Honolulu you know I had to stop and see Dog the Bounty Hunter's office.  They were filming so the doors were locked.  We however did see his son Dewayne Lee as we were leaving.

We look so proud for stalking our favorite bounty hunter don't we?  We're such dweebs!
Then we still had more time.  We flew out at 10:50pm so we headed over to the North Shore to pipeline.  Where all the big surf competitions happen in the winter.

We then had to head back to the mainland.  With our pineapples and coconut bras in tow of course!
I hope you've enjoyed the pictures.  We had an amazing time, and can't wait to go back!
 If you missed Hawaii part I, check it out HERE.


Lucky Girl said...

Oh man... this post made me miss Hawaii so much!

lynn.marie said...

Your trip looks amazing!!! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but we haven't made it there yet...

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