Drew is 7 months old

Once again this post is way overdue.  However, I did take his picture on time, so that should count for something!  Drew is now 7 months and counting.  He is still rounding out at 20lbs. and 28 inches long.  He is crawling absolutely everywhere and loves to try and get to Ruby's bowls.  I did find his hand in her water bowl the other day...Ooops!  It was clean water, but we did take a bath that evening.  Drew also decided he wanted to start pulling himself up on everything so we replaced our coffee table that gave him a few bumps and bruises with a leather ottoman and he loves it.  He is also starting to walk behind a walker which melted my heart.  I have no idea why, but I think that just struck a cord with me that my baby is becoming a big boy and my little baby is growing up. 

Let's see some other fun and exciting things that Drew's doing these days.  I know these things are only fun and exciting to Drew's parents, but you came here today, so you get the pleasure of reading about them!  He is now saying da-da...Can you say melt my heart..umm yes!  When Brendan comes home from work he will look at the front door and Brendan will come in, Drew will get this huge smile and then start babbling and da-da is in there.  We're still working on ma-ma, I should get some credit, I did carry the kidlet for 9 months!  I kid, I kid!  Other than that, we still have sleeping issues, but Drew is loving going to daycare.  On the days he goes he plays with his little buddy Keaton and always is having a blast when I pick him up.  Our daycare situation is such a blessing for us! He is now rocking on eating baby food and is now eating 2 meals a day, and we've added some solids big people foods in.  He's still not so fond of those, but we're working on them.  He does like to share banana with his daddy in the morning, so that's a start. I tried to mix potatos with squash for his the other night and that went over about as well as oil and water together.  We'll keeping trying new things and see what he likes.  He still has no teeth which makes me a little leary about his chewing ability.  I know he is capable of eating solid food with no teeth, it's just me being a worry wart.  A few teeth would make me feel so much better and I would love to see a few pop through already.  I swear they are right there. 
 That's about it for Drew for 7 months.  He is getting more and more hair, but it's so blond, you can't see it, but it is there! Have a great day!

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Tyler's Mom said...

Hi there cute little guy! Drew is growing up too fast! I can't believe he is walking behind a walker - can you have him come teach Tyler? Thanks!

Hope all is well!

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