Drew and his clubhouse

Drew's newest adventure these past few weeks has been making clubhouses for himself.

The other day I order from diapers.com and the order was delivered in a huge box. Drew loved the box. He thought it was the next best thing since sliced bread. He was all over the box taking his toys in the box and would just hang out in there like he was in his little clubhouse.

He had quite the time with that silly box.

These past few days he's found a new clubhouse, the bottom of his exersaucer. Again, who knows why but he loves crawling in there and just hanging out. Brings his toys in there in and everything. It is too cute I have to say.

No idea how this could be comfy but he likes it. One day I'm sure he'll have his no girls allowed sign hanging up so I know it's his club and he does not want to be disturbed!

All in all some cute pics to share with you all if nothing else!

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