Some random tidbits

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am still super busy with work but hoping it slows a bit after Christmas.

-Drew has now decided to start standing on his own, as in let's let go of the ottoman and stand for a few seconds before I go tumbling down.

- our island for our kitchen that Brendan is building is coming along nicely. Now we just have to pick out the countertop.

-Ruby now loves fruity cheerios.. She now sits next to me every morning as I'm eating my dry fruity cheerios in hopes if getting one. I usually give her a little treat, a few fruity cheerios.

- Im not even close to being done with Christmas shopping:(

- I want a new Dyson pet vac more than I want a vacation right now. Sad, I know!

- Winter has decided to arrive in Iowa! It was a lovely 19 degrees yesterday...GRRRR

-I am now slighty addicted to our Keurig coffee machine and the mochas it makes.

Have a great day!!!

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Lil'Misa said...

I want a dyson vacuum too, not sad at all!

CampDallas said...

If it's wrong to love a Dyson, then I'm wrong as wrong can be! We have the 'Animal Absolute' model and looooooove it! We got ours at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and were able to use a 20% off coupon, which made a big difference! I hope Santa brings you one!

CampDallas said...

We have the Dyson Animal Absolute and I looooooove it! We got ours at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and saved a bundle by using a 20% off coupon! Worth the splurge!

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