The flu is the devil

This past week the stomach flu invaded our house, big time! First Brendan got it, and Drew just had a low grade fever, then Drew had it and it was awful. To see your child, hungry, tired, achy, throwing up, and miserable is quite possibly the worst feeling I've ever had. He and Brendan had for 3 days each, with no relief. We finally figured out Drew was a fan of grape pedialite. Although it does stain pretty badly when it comes back up. Sorry for the visual but it's fair warning.
I called our pediatriction after he had been sick and running a fever with no relief for 48 hours, I thought for sure they would want to see him.... Nope, they asked if he was having wet diapers and he was so they said feed him toast and keep him hydrated. Well, ok...thankfully Saturday Brendan felt a ton better and Drew was on the mend. I however started to feel like garbage...uh, oh!

Sunday, I thought I was going to die, that or my stomach was going to implode. I did however manage to eat KFC mashed potatos last night and they tasted delicious! I feel much better today, so I am hoping our families bout with the flu is coming to an end and that dreadful disease can take a hike! I'm hoping to be back to blogging more often after this awful flu battle! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Annie said...

oh no :(
i hope you are all feeling 100% better asap!!

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