Drew is 8 months old

Or was... He's actually 9 months old now and this post has been sitting in my draft box for a month but better late than never!

Drew is now 8 months old and getting more and more mobile. He loves walking with assistance, is crawling faster than we can manage to keep up and is starting to want to climb... On anything!

Drew had another milestone during month 8, he got his first tooth, closely followed by his second tooth. He's been a champ when teething and hasn't been too terribly crabby.

Drew also celebrated his first Christmas and was pretty oblivious but I think loved all his new toys, clothes he couldn't have cared less, but toys, he was all about the new toys!

Drew also went sledding for the first time during month 8 and loved it. Living in Iowa you gotta kind of like snow or you're pretty well doomed. Drew fit in very well and really liked the snow and his new sled. It might have been his favorite Christmas present.

Drew is still sticking to his favorite word da-da. I keep holding out hope for ma-ma. He is also loving finger foods. Toast, pear, carrot, you name it and he can feed himself, he's all about it. He even tried shredded roasted chicken and it was a hit, who would have thought.

All in all Drew had a great month 8. I can't believe in 3 short months we will be celebrating his first birthday. I have no idea where the time has gone. It still feels like yesterday he was born.

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Natalie said...

i can't get over how quickly time passes! he looks so old!

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