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Lately we've been up to some new DIY projects. Or should I say Brendan's been doing, I've been creating!

When we moved in one year ago we took out an entire wall in the kitchen to open everything up and make a great room. Well great it is and a wee bit too open, so we have thought we needed an island for quite some time. After we moved in we got a great start on the island, picked the size, the wood, the stain, purchased everything and B got to work. Then March 27th happened, Drew came along and time for those projects became few and far between.

We are now cracking the whip and we are both determined to get this island done for Drew's first birthday party in March. So we decided to do concrete countertops, which I'm super excited about, and Brendan is making them!

The island still has a ways to go but the countertops are drying, after that the island needs to be sprayed and then move it up to the kitchen.

We chose to stain the wood of the island closer to our wood floor color rather than our oak cupboard color. The island is 6ft. long and two leveled with a breakfast bar.

The pictures are from Brendan's work area in the basement, so beware of the mess!

The island, obviously missing the cabinet doors and drawers.

On to the concrete countertops... Dun, dun, dun...
The breakfast bar countertop after we turned it over, still needs to be polished.

Once it's all polished the color will be the same throughout.

The lower level countertop drying in the form.

We turned the smaller countertop about 10 minutes ago, holy buckets those things are heavy! The smaller one weighs about 200lbs. I told B he better call the neighbor to flip the large one tomorrow night.

So that's what we've been up to lately. Trying to finish our stinking island. So far we're pleased! I will post pictures when everything gets all done.

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