Drew's first birthday is fast approaching

With that said, I'm actually excited.  I love hosting parties, I mean really love hosting parties!  I used to have a side business of wedding planning.  You can check out my wedding planning blog if you so fancy.  It's called Abby I thee Wed.  I haven't updated it in forever, but it still has some good ideas.  So you get that I love to host parties and Drew turning one on March 27th is a reason to host a party and celebrate his first year of life!  I know some mom's are really quite sad that their baby turns one, and I'm sure I'll get there, but thus far I'm actually very excited.  The milestones he's reaching are incredibly fun and each stage he's reached have been more and more enjoyable so I can't imagine this next will be anything but wonderful. 

With that said you know me Miss Type A has already been thinking about his party since January 1st.  I could not set my sights on a "theme" I absolutely loved.  Drew doesn't loves any one thing per say.  Well, except his lovely Mr. Cow.  So after looking high and low I decided to go with a somewhat primary color "theme"  I use "theme" in quotes because come on people it's a first birthday party.  We're going to have some decorations, cupcakes, balloons, and call it a day.  The party is for Brendan and I, he won't remember it.  No need to go way overboard.  Just my opinion though.  I found some great decorations at Party City, and we don't have one near us here in Podunk Iowa so I shopped online and they arrived at our doorstep in a matter of days. 

The plates:

You can check out the rest of what Party City has to offer for this theme Here.
I chose not to get all the decor.  I did get Drew a personalized banner, the plates, cups, napkins and then red plain plates and napkins. I also did get a number 1 to go on the table, I couldn't resist! Then I plan on making Martha Stewarts Pom Poms in yellow and red to give our great room a bit of a pop. 

Add a few balloons and food and we'll call it a day!

Oh and how could I have about forgotten about Drew's shirt.  This is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I wanted to get Drew a birthday shirt but not break the bank.  Nothing for this party is going to break the bank, remember this is a first birthday party!  Again, he won't remember it!  So I went to my faithful Etsy and found an adorable shirt that will go perfectly!
I seriously have been checking our mailbox with utter anticipation for it's arrival.  I'm going to have him photographed in his shirt by our friend Amy Doerring @ Amy Doerring Photography for his invites.
The seller of this adorable shirt Little One Boutique, her shop is fabulous, seriously go check it out!  No, I was not paid to say that, I paid for Drew's shirt out of my own pocket!  I really think her stuff is that cute!

Isn't it cute?  I thought it was adorable and would go perfectly with the colors of the other decor!  So there you have it folks.  Pretty simple and easy 1st birthday and I might add very cost effective.  We are inviting only family to his party, and I think it should be a fun time.  Happy Thursday Everyone!


Annie said...

the shirt will be so cute!! all your ideas for the party sound great! :) i'm sure it will turn out perfect :)

Karen At Home said...

Hi Abby! Everything sounds great so far! You are smart to plan it now, I was really struggling trying to plan it in a few weeks, especially around Christmas. I wish I had started it a lot sooner. I did the poms for Jillian's birthday too in red, green and white. They were great and really did at a lot of color to the room. I have pictures on them in my blog if you want to check them out. Hope all is well with you! Have a great weekend.


Julie S. said...

We used the same plates and napkins for Brayden's 1st birthday! I still have a TON of them leftover!

Lauren said...

Love the blog; you have a beautiful family! I am totally Type A personality too and know that when we have children, I'll be right there with you!

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