Drew is 9 months old

Drew turned 9 months old a while ago... Yep I'm a bad mommy and am behind on these posts, but I just posted his 8 month post so I waited a bit to post this one. I also added some other pictures I thought were just too cute not to post.

Anyway on to Drew's 9th month. He had a few big milestones this months, starting with his first steps. It was New Years Day at my parents lake house and he took his first steps from me to his Pobo, or my stepdad. Pobo is what the grandkids call him. It was so fun, because my whole immediate family was there to see him take his first steps. He's now done it a few times since but he still prefers to crawl, it's much faster.

(his Valentines shirt)

Drew also had another huge milestone, he's been sleeping through the night. 4 nights in a row would be the record! I'll take it people! He's been going to bed at 7pm and then not making a peep until 5am. Although 5am is a bit early, again we will take it. Brendan and I have a pretty good system on days we both work. One of us gets up with Drew from 5-6am while the other one sleeps. Then we switch from 6-7am so we are each able to get another hour of shut eye and the early bird is taken care of.

Drew is starting to love to feed himself. He tried chicken and turkey for the first time this month and gobbled it down. Apparently he is a true Iowan and loves his meat! He's also been loving Yo Baby Yogurt lately, and is getting better at using his sippy cup all the time.

Drew also stole my heart and said Ma-ma last Sunday morning as I was feeding him breakfast. I melted on the spot. He looked up from eating a bite of toast and smiled and said it. It was by far one of the best moments thus far in the 9 months of being a mom. He now says it all the time and I'm not gonna lie, I love hearing it!

So that's Drew in a nutshell at 9 months. I can't believe we are getting closer to 1 year. It just doesn't seem possible. He actually turns 10 months this week. Eeekkk!

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