Painting 101

On Saturday Drew and I made a trip to my favorite store Tar-Tay, or Target. We needed to get out of the house for a bit this weekend as Brendan was making lots of noise working on our kitchen island, so where better to go in the winter than Target.
While we were there we found a few things for his birthday party and then some washable paint for $3.39. I thought how fun, painting with a baby, that's got to be fun right?!? So we snatched up the paint and when we got home we were set to go. My friend Sara had done this with her son and they had a blast. So I took a page from her book and covered Drew's high chair tray with saran wrap and put towels under him so if he threw the paper it wouldn't go on the wood floor. I stripped Drew down to his diaper, got out our construction paper and let him go to town.

He was actually really hesitant at first.

I gave him the psint brush because he saw it and kept grabbing for it. I first put little globs of paint on the paper and that didn't go over well. So then I gave him the containter with all the paint in it and WOAH, he had fun!

Mommy, this is fun!!

I then put his paci in, so he wouldn't eat the paint. Although non-toxic just better that way.

The saran wrap then became his focus and it came off. The paint was all over his tray but came right off with a quick wash.

All in all a fun time for both of us. Drew headed straight to the bath after this activity!
My mom did give me an idea she used to do with my sister and me. She would let us finger paint with pudding. I just might try this. Fun and yummy!!
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Steph said...

What a great idea! I've been dying to do something artsy like this with my 9 month old but figured he was too little but you inspired me to go ahead with the mess...I mean art!

Abby said...

Steph, I'm so glad you're going to paint with your 9 month old! It really was fun, I think we're going to embark on the painting adventure once again this week! Have fun!

Steph said...

We painted today! And not nearly as big a mess as I thought. We have the same FP SpaceSaver high chair that I saw in your photos and you said it cleaned up nicely so I ended up taking off the saran because it was distracting. Such fun and I have 4 masterpieces to treasure! Thanks again for the great idea.

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