Fish, Fish and more Fish

We took Drew to his first aquarium this past weekend while we were up visiting family in Minneapolis.  We went to the aquarium at the Mall of America and it was fun.  Drew loved all the colors and at one point it was real dark and they had all these huge tubes with jelly fish in them and he just looked and looked at them.  Wouldn't ya know, we forgot our camera too...Lovely!  So first, I'm a horrible photog, second I had to take a few pics with my phone, but you can see he had fun!  Although the lighting is crappy and if you think I know how to edit pics, you're dreaming!

There was a huge shark behind us just prior to this shot....

 So exciting!
 The tunnel with all the sharks!
Drew really did have a great time and it was something we could do with him indoors.  We really don't have anything like that here in Iowa so it was something different, which was nice!

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