It's that time of year again

Chaos is looming upon casa de B&A.....Soccer season is approaching.  If you are new to reading my blog, I am a high school girls soccer coach.  I'm a former player turned coach and this will be my third year.  The past two years we have been conference champions and once again I would like to make a repeat.  This week we have our initial players meeting followed the following week by the parent meeting.  Although I love the parents they are a huge help 98% of the time, part of the dreads the 2% of the parents that feel it's appropriate to call me at 10pm to scream at me about their child's amount of playing time.  Umm, it's 10pm, I have a baby and a life outside of coaching.  Oh, and they pay me pennies to coach so please, please, contact me at a decent hour?!?  In all honesty I love coaching, I don't do it for the money, like I said they pay me pennies for the hour I put in, but I love it and Brendan is supportive of taking on daddy duty while I'm gone quite often and our daycare provider is taking Drew a few more hours a week.  Everything will work out but it will be hectic, however to see my players face when they have put 110% into that game where the seconds have come down to that final minute and we have come out with the win.  It completely makes everything worth it. 
  I came into coaching many years ago when I was in college because I wanted to give youth a positive roll model.  I model my coaching on that.  Each and every one of my players is given the experience in the hopes it's a positive one, that they will not only become a better soccer player but a better person as well.  We not only practice and participate in games, we have a local service project we participate in.  The girls get very excited about this and every once and a while we do an ice cream run.  When they've practiced hard, we go for a jog to a local ice cream play about a mile away and I but them ice cream.  They love it and it seems to build team spirit.
  Now back to embracing chaos.  I've also decided that this spring, I'm going to get back into shape.  Although the baby weight is gone, I have lost so much muscle, I can't stand it.  I used to be buff.  I would gladly put back on a few pounds to achieve some better muscle tone.  I am planning on running a half marathon at the end of May.  I've run this race before and loved it.  So my plan to be able to run is this.  I work 3 days a week, on those days I will be running in the mornings, early mornings before work.  On the days I'm home with Drew I will be running with the jogging stroller, we didn't get a nice one for nothing.  I love our jogging stroller, and have run with it a bit before, but never 5, 6, 7 miles so we shall see how this goes.  Well thought out plans have a tendency to blow up in my face, and this one very well could.  I however am bound and determined to run this race!  It just so happens it's in the middle of soccer season, so the chaos is brought on by myself.  
I'm hoping to be able to keep up on my blogging throughout soccer season.  I just may be blogging from a school bus!  So here's to embracing chaos as it enters our house for the next few months!  Hope everyone has a great day!

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