Drew is 10 months old

Drew is now 10 months old. He's growing by the second! Seriously he gets bigger every time I turn around. We had to take Drew to the doctor last week because he had his first ear infection. He weighed in at 23 pounds 3 ounces and was 30.5 inches long. He's perfectly fine now but the poor little guy was running a high fever and feeling pretty crappy for a couple of days.

This month Drew really has taken off in the walking department. He is still crawling but walking half way across the floor, and down the hallway. He walks to mama and dada. It's been a fun development. However, a whole new level of childproofing has taken place at our house!

Drew is now eating more finger foods and is turning his nose up at his purred foods. His favorite finger foods seem to be; roasted chicken, cheddar cheese, pears, carrots, rice, pasta with sauce and toast. Interesting palette my child has. We've had fun having dinner with him and letting try different foods. He really does not like potatos, only likes sweet potatos.

This month Drew is starting to really talk and babble more and more words. Or so I think. We have heard ma-ma, da-da, and I swear one day I said Hi, and he looked at me and said HI! I doubt he meant to but it sure sounded like it. He also has started saying my moms name, nanny. He says na-na-na when she comes over, it's pretty cute.

Other than that we've been trying to stay entertained inside in the freezing cold winter! We are going to be starting swim class soon! I can't wait! I hope he likes it, it's a mommy and me class. Drew loves water so I'm banking that he will like swim class. He liked the pool this past summer, so cross your fingers.

I will leave you with Drew's 10 month pictures. This month he was more interested in tearing off the 10 month sticker.

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Katie said...

I am glad to hear (read) that he is doing better, there isn't much worse than an ear infection!

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