Let's talk wine

It's not secret, Brendan and I like wine.  We like to enjoy a glass of wine with a nice dinner and with Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought we should talk wine.  I wanted to share some of my favorite wines with you, that won't break the bank.  I'm no wine expert by any means but I do enjoy a good glass of Pinot or Cabernet.  I would also love to hear from my readers, what are your favorite wines?  We are always wanting to try new wine again that don't break the bank because there is always a guilt that comes over me as dinner is simmering and I'm standing at our wine bar and that nice $50 bottle of Pinot Noir is looking at me and it's a Tuesday night.  I feel like I should save that nice bottle for a special occasion.  Then inevitably we never drink it and it still sits in the wine bar.  Le sigh, so I like bottles of wine that don't give me guilt when opening them.

Let's start with my very best friend
1.Le Crema Pinot Noir
Although La Crema makes a variety of different kinds of wine, I prefer their Pinot and at $20/bottle it's a pretty good deal.
2. Mark West Pinot Noir, this bottle retails for under $13.

3. Erath Winery Pinot Gris at $14 bones a bottle, this tasty little booger is well worth each penny.  We've actually been to this winery in Dundee, OR and it was AH-MAZING!  If you're every in Oregon, take a trip to the wine country.

4. Smoking Loon Syrah, this little ditty is on;y $9.99 at our local grocery store.  We love this one with pasta.

5.  Menage A Trois Red, at $12 a bottle, this bad boy is tasty!

Enjoy your weekend!  Have a drink that doesn't break the bank!


mrs case said...

my favorite is a moscato. i don careif it is dessert in a bottle, lol. it may very well be the first thing i drink after baby comes.

Abby said...

Mrs case, I completely agree, after Drew was born, a good glass of wine was one of the first things I wanted! Moscato is tasty as well, mmm, I'm a fan!

Meredith said...

There's a little winery here in Oregon called Del Rio, and they make an awesome Rose Jolee. I usually don't like Rose wines, but I LOVE that one.

I also really like the white Lambrusco at Trader Joe's--it's like $4 and it's a sort of sweet sparkling white wine.

CampDallas said...

Mark West and I are tight. Well, when I'm not pregnant, that is. I wonder if he misses me?

Jessica said...

My very favorite is Mark West Pinot Noir too! You have great taste :-)

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