Things I'm loving these days

A few things I've been loving lately...

I've been considering re-doing Drew's room.  We really didn't do a whole heck of a lot when he was in utero because we didn't know Drew was a boy.  So I'm considering doing a few things to make more of a boyish room to grow with him for the next few years.  I'm loving this bedding that's on sale from Pottery Barn Kids.
I can order the quilt and sham separately and although we won't use the quilt now, my grandpa built Drew a toddler bed and the quilt will be perfect for that.
Add a few other red, blue and brown touches and I think the room will be great to grow with Drew.  We shall see.  

I'm also loving a good hot chocolate these days, especially the ones our Keurig coffee maker brews.

Skinny jeans, with a long sweater and boots.  Can't have my booty hanging out!
Something like this.

Fall 1

Fall 1 by ALL82 featuring hoop earrings

Looking at old pics of my babies, I can't believe how both have grown!

Ruby when we first adopted her after she had been in the hospital for four days.
Our baby girl, not even a year old

Drew, fresh out of the oven

He looks really happy that we were taking his picture!

His first professional pictures taken in the hospital by Amy Doerring

It's crazy for me to think in 10 short months he's gone from this
to this.
And in 2 short months he will turn one.  Eeeekkk!!

Have a great day!


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Steph said...

Your family room looks like mine in that last photo! busy ball popper, exersaucer, fisher price racin ramps...lol Love that Pottery Barn bedding. I live in Canada otherwise I'd order it for my little guy asap!

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