Drew's birthday party

This past Saturday we hosted Drew's first birthday party at our house.  We ended up having 25 people total, all family.  We both have large families so we had to keep it just to family since it wasn't nice enough to be outside, and our house is not large enough to accommodate many more than 25 people in our great room. 

We went with a primary color theme per say.  I use the term theme lightly because I just basically wanted it bright colors and good cake.  Cake is the key!  We started the party at 3pm so that Drew could get a good nap in before hand and the birthday prince did.  He woke up about 2pm, had a snack, got dressed in his birthday outfit and was ready to go. 

Drew wore his shirt from Little One Boutique, and his jeans.   Guests were greeted at our front door with a sign I made with the help of my momma, and some colorful balloons to get them into the mood for a party!

As they entered our house it was Drew central, I might have gone a wee bit overboard with pictures of him, but it was his birthday!

After entering the house we welcomed them to party central, aka the great room.
We made a big top tent look out of the Martha Stewart Poms.  I originally was going to just hang them from the lights, etc.  Brendan came up with the idea to string them from the ceiling.  I think it turned out pretty well.

We attached each of the poms to twine with floral wire, after we had hung the twine to our ceiling.  Brendan hung the twine with a few nails and it stayed the way you see it until yesterday when a mommy friend wanted the poms for her sons party, so I boxed them up and shipped them off!
On to some other decor...

All the plates, napkins, and the personalized Happy Birthday Drew sign you can see at the back above our sliding glass doors I ordered from Party city.  Everything else I purchased locally.

I took a onesie from each size that we had and attached each of the monthly stickers we take his pictures in.  I attached them all to ribbon using clothes pins and my mom made the 1's you see at the ends.  I then displayed Drew's professional pictures taken by Amy Doerring on the fireplace mantel.  Amy also made a slide show of all his picture, ours and hers from this past year and put it to music.  We had it playing during the party.

The guests munched on a subway sub, a couple of salads, fruits, veggies, and then cupcakes!!  Can't forget the cupcakes!

My mom mad the 1's you see in the cupcakes.  She is sooo much more crafty than I could ever be!

We also had 6 little kiddos there so I made them some snacks, I had fruits snacks, goldfish, teddy grahams, and yogurt bites.  I saw this idea on All Things D&G's blog at her daughter's party and thought it was a genius idea!  It was a hit at our party as well!
Then it was time for presents.  Drew's cousins were great to help him open all his gifts.  He wasn't too interested, but he did like all the new toys!

My father in law made this donkey for him.

Then it was time for the birthday boy to eat his cake!

He was into his cake until his hands got covered with frosting, then not so much, it was back to the toys!
After guests were finished eating and drinking and decided to go we gave them monogrammed cookies as their favors.

All in all it was a great party!  Drew had a great time, we had a great time and I still can't believe we now have a toddler!  Drew also loves his Cozy Coupe car that Brendan and I got him.  The next morning I snapped this picture, I just sends me about 16 years down the road when he's leaving the driveway to go scoop the loop!

Mom, can I have some money for gas?

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Karen At Home said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy Abby! It's hard to believe it's been a year already. You did a great job on the party, I love the onesies!!


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