Drew 12 months

Again, I'm late with this post, but right now life is going at the pace of a rollercoaster, and my apologises but my blog is suffering. Lately, soccer, work and chasing after our toddler is keeping me pretty darn busy. I promise the blog will be back to normal in less than 6 weeks. Soccer ends then.

This month Drew obviously turned 1 and had a great time at his birthday party. He's now enjoying his new big boy toys. He's also been loving the days we can actually get outside to play. Unfortunately, mother nature has kept the cold temps and a ton of rain around so our outdoor time has been limited. We are excited to get some warmer temps and get a pool for Drew in the backyard.

Drew has really expanded his language this past month. Before now he would say mama and dada, but now he's added up, banana, dog and ball. None of which sound like they're actually supposed to, but we understand nana, and baaw.

Lately, Drew has been digging reading books. Before now he would sit down on our lap to read and stay there for all of 2 seconds, now he will go pick a book, come sit on our lap and let you read the book, over and over and over again. It's too cute not to love! Some of Drew's other favorite toys are his wooden blocks and stacking them and knocking them over, his new Cozy Coupe car, and his play kitchen.

On the movement front, not too much news. Drew has really mastered walking and seems to almost be running. This little man is quick!

So there you have it folks! We leave babyhood and are full steam ahead into toddlerhood! I personally can't wait. This stage is so much fun, I can't imagine it gets any better, but I'm sure it does!

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