I may actually enjoy putting on a swimsuit

Usually I dread putting on a swimsuit in the summer.  I mean dread, swear, loathe, and everything in between.  I try to avoid baring the whole suit at one time at all costs.  I try to always keep a skirt on for the thought of exposing my thighs makes me vomit a little in my mouth.  Extreme, yes, but any woman reading this will probably be nodding in a agreement.  No one likes to have their butt cheeks exposed, love handles out for all to see.  If you do, more power to ya sister!  I however, do not, after having a baby, I will say I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, however, things shift during and after pregnancy.  So, as I was browsing through a recent Lands' End magazine I fell in love with a swim bottom that I would marry if I could! No seriously!  This little baby might just be my new best friend this summer.  Like I said before, my "problem area" is my thighs, hate them, with a passion.  Now, in all reality, they are perfectly fine, this is the overly dramatic me coming out.  Don't we all have those "areas" we just can't stand?  If not, then you're lucky and I applaud you!  I do however and after looking at this magazine I think I found a solution other than another skirt.  It's called the adjustable swim mini.  It's a swim skirt that's adjustable, you can cinch it up to make a little longer bottom, so that the dreaded thigh area is less exposed!  I for one am super excited and have order one to try it out! 
You can click the link above to see the different ways you are able to wear this lovely little ditty.  I shall report back when she arrives in 5-7 business days.  I went with black, it's more slimming right!  My hope is that I will feel comfortable enough to ditch the cover up and be able to play on the beach or at the pool with Drew in my suit and not be so entirely self conscious.  This could be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping this little lady will help me out!

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Heather Pranitis said...

This is a fabulous little invention here and I am SO glad that you shared it. Thanks!

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