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This summer we are really concentrating on our outdoor projects. Currently, it's our backyard landscaping.

When we purchased our home in December of 2009 the backyard was a fenced in open area, which is great, but it needed, something. So this summer we decided to add a couple of trees and some landscaping areas, if you will to the backyard. We live in a newer development so we have literally no mature trees. We purchased two six foot trees, one a Linden and one a Maple. We then used the dirt from a very large hole we've been digging for an egress window in the basement to fill the areas and planted a bush and a few small pieces of landscaping grass. One area is done and now we are just waiting on the second delivery of mulch to complete the second one.

The unfinished one:

We edged each of the areas with block. I use "we" lightly as I've been saying yay or nay to the look of things and Brendan the handy man has been doing the actual landscaping. Although I have hauled dirt and helped dig the large hole. Brendan's done a great job in my opinion, I love that he can envision these types of things, I have no talent for this type of thing!

The finished area:

I'm very happy with how this one has turned out, we still need to do a couple of touch ups but its 99.8% dine. With these two trees and landscaped areas in our backyard it seems to give it more texture. You know me, always trying to relate it to fashion some how...texture! We still have an abundance of green space for a play area and someday a swingset.

Our next projects are; cut in the egress window in the basement, extend the deck 24 inches and lay a stone patio. Man that looks like a lot but we hope to accomplish all this before September. I have my fingers crossed!

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