My new best friend

When Drew turned a year we started trying to ditch the bottle. When he hit his first birthday he was then taking 4 bottles a day. One when he woke up in the morning, one before his morning nap, afternoon nap, and before bed. I was not looking forward to this daunting task as I had heard many horror stories about children refusing milk from a sippy cup. We gradually started by offering Drew milk in a sippy during the day, normally before his first birthday he would have been offered a bottle, but we decided let's approach this gradually and see how things work. Things did not work well, and it wasn't that he didn't want milk, he wanted his bottle. We tried so many stinking sippy cups, I now have a large drawer full of them. I then came upon a review about the Born Free training cup, and I ran, literally ran to my local Walgreen's where they carry this thing. From that day on the transition has been smooth sailing. No crying, whining, stomping of the feet due to my new best friend the Born Free Training Cup.

I will tell you that I was not compensated for this rave review of this cup, I'm just a momma in love!  I've found that the best price point for this cup is at diapers.com, at $9.47.  A bit pricey, yep, but so worth it in my book.  We have successfully eliminated all bottles but the night time bottle in our house and the only reason we haven't eliminated that one is because we are going at it gradually.  First we started with the morning bottle, then the morning nap, then the afternoon nap and tonight, it's the big test, the night time bottle goes "bye bye".   I'm not anticipating a struggle because dropping the other bottles has been very smooth.  We shall see. 


Jessica said...

I'm going to Target to buy this sippy! We have about 10 different sippies in our cupboard. G will drink water out of the hard spouted ones but still wants milk from her bottle. I really hope this one works! Thanks for the tip :-)

Karen At Home said...

Thanks for the recommendation Abby! We are struggling with this right now! Jillian has successfully transitioned at daycare but refuses at home. I am going to try this if she still refuses!

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