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I have a bunch of new followers lately, hi to all of you!! Much love and thanks for following! So I thought I would bring back one of the posts that has gotten the most hits, Ask me anything but this time I'm going to give it a bit of a twist, you can ask US anything. Us meaning me, Brendan, Drew and even Ruby the dog!
This is a no holds bar free for all on all topics, we are pretty much an open book, but please remember my mom reads this blog... Anything from pregnancy, to marriage to toddlerhood, go for it! Fashion, cooking, exersice, it's all fair game.
So have at it, we are all yours, what are your burning questions for all of us here at Life with B&A? I'll leave this post up until Monday and then start answering questions. So come out and say hello, especially if you've just recently started following, if nothing else just to say hello!

Ciao! We can't wait to read your questions!

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Sara Savat said...

How's your house coming? What's the current project?

Are you taking a summer vacation?

Sarah said...

Will you help me decorate my house? :)

But in reality, can you recommend your favorite online decorating resources?

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite places to shop?

What would you say is your next big goal in life?

Anonymous said...

How did you and B meet?

Lindsey said...

What is one re-occuring "fight" that you and B have?

Anonymous said...

Since I read that you love soccer and I am from Germany, are you following the FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011?? :)
I enjoy reading your blog. Many greetings from Germany. Nina

Megan said...

What's been the most difficult adjustment of being a SAHM and do you foresee yourself working again anytime in the near future?

When do you guys think you'll have baby #2?

How has your relationship with B changed since having Drew?

And to mix it up with a non-baby related question! What are your beauty/fashion must haves?

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