Do your parents have a key?

As I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians last night, I know, I know, the episode dealt with the mom having a key to her child's home and just using it as she pleased and coming over unannounced. This got me thinking. My parents have a key, have our garage code to the key pad, and could very well come over unannounced and abuse the privilege of living within close proximity if they chose to very easily. Thankfully, they are very respectful, always call before dropping something off or coming over.
A funny story of why we gave them a key. Last year on our trip to Hawaii I received a text message from my mom saying " Do you have a spare key"? I'm thinking why do you need a spare key, but I was sunning my buns and didn't think much of it, except if my child is ok, and my mom isn't frantic, I'm sure everything is a-ok. I responded, no, just use the key pad to the garage. Well, apparently, my mom had locked the door going into the garage as well as the front door. The garage key pad was useless and our dog Ruby was in the house. Drew however, just happy as a clam, my mom, not so much, a frantic mess. We however, were none the wiser, again sunning our buns on the beach. My mom said nothing else to us. Never called, never texted again. She just called the locksmith, who popped the lock to the front door, Ruby was happily watching TV in the bedroom, and they even had replaced the doorknob and lock by the time we got back. So we decided to give them a spare key to our house.
Neither B nor I have ever locked ourselves out of the house. I have now jinxed myself, and will come back to this blog later in the week with a follow-up locked out story. 
 I want to hear your situations, do your parents or in-laws have a key to your house? Do they abuse the privilege? Do they come over unannounced? I will tell you that if my parents came over unannounced and just came in, that would be spare key revocation immediately!
At the end of the Kardashian episode everyone ended happy, but the mom ended key less, which was probably a good thing in this case.


Abbie said...

Both my parents and my inlaws have a key, but we live far enough away that they don't just drop in "Everybody Loves Raymond" style.

Julie S. said...

My FIL and my parents know where we hide our spare key in case they need anything out of the house, but it's pretty rare that the situation arises. My MIL doesn't have either. That's all I will say :)

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